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Spencer Grundler

Born Gaithersburg, MD 1989


Digital Capture, Red Helium and Sony A7III
Runtime 4:41
Courtesy of the artist

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Artistic expression is one powerful weapon in the arsenal of activists. Galvanizing talent from around the DMV, the contributors to this project are amplifying the voice of the Black Lives Matter initiative. The DC Metropolitan area is home to these stylistically, and culturally diverse artists who identify with this message. Collectively bringing their gifts together to inspire others to remain in the tension of the times, raising their fists defying tyranny and systemic racism in the United States. They resist peacefully through song, dance, and the radical expression of art, reminding fellow citizens real unity is not a lost cause.

A recently published article that features artist statements of each performer featured in RESIST, can be found here.

Production Credits

Directed By: Spencer Grundler
Producers: Max Labasbas, Sam Stevens, Wade Hammes of "Sunset & Chill"
Edited By: Daniel Bowie
Music Contributed by: Mustafa Akbar, Fort Knox Five Recordings
1st AC: Shamal Halmat
Equipment Rental Courtesy of: Capital Camera Rentals

Rae Hopkins
Willow Snow
Coffin Nachtmar
AArrow Sign Spinners
Sonny Tran
Iman Bowman


Spencer Grundler is a freelance cinematographer and photographer. From early in his life he was raised with an interest in the arts. From studying the Masters and their use of painterly technique, to learning about analog photography, and digital filmmaking. His passion for classic literature and modern documentation has kindled a dedication towards observing the great human spirit that has pushed mankind forward from ancient times into the future. His work as a camera-man focuses on exploring the use of light and lens to reflect the human stories for both nonfiction and narrative films.