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Zoe Friedman

Born New York, NY 1985

Place in Time

Stop Motion Animation
Runtime 4:25
Courtesy of the Artist

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Made with stop motion animation and a real rhino, Place in Time is a collaged narrative of our current earthly predicament.


Zoe Friedman is an interdisciplinary artist that works with installation, video and sound. Her work explores the wild and domestic, the strange and familiar, uniting faraway places with the objects that surround us in our daily life. Through animation, collage and ornamental design, Zoe’s lighthearted and intricate work evoke the humor and beauty of nature and our connection to it.

Zoe has had solo exhibitions in Copenhagen, Denmark, Brooklyn, NY, Oakland, CA, Washington DC, Arlington VA, and Baltimore, MD. She is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Time Based Media Program at Anne Arundel Community College. She is currently working on a large-scale permanent installation for the Enoch Pratt Public Library in Hampden, Baltimore.