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Ellery Bryan + Aidan Spann

Born Winchester, VA 1995
Born Baltimore, MD 1996

Other Methods of Bearing Weight

Digitized 16mm and 8mm hand manipulated film, sound
Runtime 8:19
Courtesy of the artists

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Ellery BryanAidan Spann


In response to overwhelming grief over the loss of a loved one, Other Methods of Bearing Weight is a collaborative performance practice that mediates the problem of absence as it pertains to creating visual documents, and the ceremonial study of repurposing a relationship without the fundamental site of the body of the other. It focuses on relationships as translucent sensory cooperations and ubiquitized liminal spaces, and on the invincible relativity of intimacy between two, something symbiotic and yielding captured without seeing, experimenting at togetherness.

Production Credits

Directed and filmed by Ellery Bryan and Aidan Spann. Performance and post-production by Ellery Bryan. Additional performances listed in final credits.


Ellery Bryan is a nonbinary visual artist working primarily with loss, ritual and temporality. Their artwork manifests in tactile objects, collaborative ceremony, written and verbal text, performance, and film and video. They live in Baltimore, Maryland and are a candidate for Syracuse University’s Art Video graduate program.

Aidan Spann is a Baltimore born and based video artist. Working primarily with found footage, green screen, and original imagery, they aim to create spaces through a collage like editing style.