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A. Moon

One Storey

Super 8 and 16mm color film transferred to digital video, stereo sound
Runtime 12:53
Courtesy of the artist

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A meditation on the effects of displacement, racial difference, and language barriers upon intimate relations. The protagonist moves from city to city, seemingly in an attempt to find the space wherein she might viably act as both subject and object of desire, while narrating her inner thoughts to an unnamed acquaintance.

Production Credits

Director, producer, editor, writer, cinematographer, sound designer: A. Moon
Voice Actor: Youngsun Cho
Voice recording and sound mix: David Crandall


A. Moon is an experimental filmmaker inspired by the goals and methods of political modernism, feminist filmmaking of the 1970s, and the cinematic avant-garde. Still entranced by the purportedly obsolete medium of small-gauge film and “amateur,” analog filmmaking technology, her work seeks to revise, disrupt, or undermine the meaning of already-existing stories, structures, and images. Simultaneously dense and austere, her films explore the possibility of representing female subjectivity in a medium whose formal conventions have been defined by heterosexual male desire; problems of knowing; and the dilemma, melancholy, and exhilarating devastation of being on the margins.

In recent years, she has been a Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, a fellow with the Center for Asian American Media, a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award winner (2010, 2013, 2019), a Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance/ Deutsch Foundation Rubys grantee for media (2015, 2018), and a Sondheim Prize Semi-Finalist (2011, 2013, 2018).