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Shannon Leah Collis

Born Edmonton, Canada 1978


Digital Video (Adapted from three-channel installation)
Runtime 6:16
Courtesy of the Artist

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Kiewa explores the Australian Alpine Valley region and the impact of one of the most expansive hydroelectric projects in the state of Victoria. Once a remote fishing and farming village, Kiewa Valley is now a winter resort destination and, with the completion of the most recent power station, one of the largest producers of electricity in Australia. The Kiewa Valley hydroelectric project continues to shape the character of the surrounding environment and local communities in the Victorian Alps.

This work was made possible with the support of the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture's residency program and Canada Council for the Arts.


Shannon Leah Collis is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates relationships among multiple sensory modalities and between visual and acoustic phenomena in perception. She creates audiovisual installations and interactive environments that highlight the situated, embodied experience of hearing and seeing.

Her work has been exhibited widely across North America and abroad, including solo exhibitions at Grizzly Grizzly (Philadelphia, PA), Arlington Arts Center (Arlington, VA) and Open Studio Contemporary Printmaking Centre (Toronto, Canada). Other collaborations and screenings include projects at the Walters Art Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) (Baltimore, MD). She has been awarded the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation’s Rubys Artist Grant (2019) and was a finalist for the Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize (2014). She has received numerous individual and project grants from the Canada Council for the Arts (2018, 2015) and the Maryland State Arts Council (2019). She is currently an associate professor at the University of Maryland where she teaches digital media and sound.