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James Williams II

Born Syracuse, NY 1982

B anda Gee

HD Video
Runtime 2:27
Courtesy of the artist

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B anda Gee is based on the government’s national spending model called Guns versus Butter. It is a concept used to describe the priorities of a government when it comes to spending money on its defense or goods for its people. This piece critiques the U.S. as it prioritizes excess in its defense and goods while leveraging privilege through wealth bias.


James Williams II is a curator and interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, sculpture, and photography. His works center on topics of social and cultural identity in the United States tied together by self-portraiture and narration. Recently in the last year, Williams has exhibited in Baltimore, Chicago, and NYC. His most recent solo exhibition, Color of the Day was at Resort Baltimore located in Baltimore, MD. Williams’s most recent curatorial project, Whatchamacallit was an exhibition and an accompanying publication that focused on superimposed identities and the growing obsession over them. Williams is the recipient of the MFA Joan Mitchell Foundation award and is a member of the Book Club art collective which recently participated in the 2020 SPRING/BREAK art fair. Williams, originally from Upstate New York lives in Baltimore. He received his master’s degree from the Mount Royal School of Art at Maryland Institute College Art (MICA) and currently teaches at MICA.