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Diamond Dixon

Born Norfolk, VA 1993

B-MORE: Intro to Kortaz

Documentary Film
Runtime 1:38
Courtesy of the Artist

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The following visuals are pieces of B-MORE: The Prequel Series. The short series gives brief introductions to who they are and their perspective of certain aspects living in Baltimore city. In this feature, rapper Kortaz speaks on what Baltimore could grow to be and what he believes is 'wrong with the city'.

Production Credits

Director & Cinematographer - Diamond Dixon
Original Score - Ian McColm
Sound Editor - Michael Moody


Diamond Dixon is an artist that centers her practice on editorial portrait photography and media production. She is originally from Norfolk, VA raised in P.G. County, Maryland with artistic roots in Baltimore.

She is the founder of The YU, a multimedia platform that focuses on creating original works, producing interactive events and honoring the artist community in music and film.

Her work had been published in Blavity, True Laurels and The Fader. FotoDC awarded Diamond with the 202Creates awarding 2017 and featured her work in an exhibition at the #WeDC house at SXSW. In 2019 Dixon’s portraits were displayed at Miami Art Basel in partnership with Femme Basel.

She places value on executing an elevated creative experience for her clients and peers. Her iconic visuals stand firm through time and represent an authentic portrayal of strength and legacy.