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Kevin Blackistone

Born Leonardtown, MD 1978


Digital Animation, field recordings
Runtime 4:37
Courtesy of the Artist

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This film contains flickering light which is potentially hazardous for photogenic epileptics or photogenic migraine sufferers.

Field recordings of mechanical noises trigger recursive attacks of shifting patterns while further activating audio reactive triggers – building layers of pattern and soundscape which then push future variations of the same into visual cacophony.




Kevin Blackistone (Baltimore, MD) is an interdisciplinary new media artist exploring uses of technology and data through a combination generative, immersive and interactive practices. His work primarily consists of visual and sonic environments producing a meditative ambiences through which to consider these themes. His works have shown at Artscape, Light City Baltimore, Maryland Art Place, and The Davis Planetarium as well as Zeiss-Großplanetarium (Berlin), Volumes Art Fair (Zürich), Barbarella’s (Daegu, SK) and Zones Art Fair (Miami). Kevin received his degree in Intermedia and Digital Arts from UMBC in 2000 and was an Intramural Research Training Award fellow with the NIH Laboratory of Neurogenetics from 2012-2014. He is a 2017 recipient of the Johns Hopkins Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund production award, a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist awardee (2018), and a Rubys Artist Project Grant (2019) recipient.