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Saki Bowman

Born Philadelphia, PA 1997


Runtime 2:35
Courtesy of the Artist

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‘Ix is a visualizer that depicts the transformation into wholeness of a two-spirited being. The gentle overtones of gestating in the womb, transports the audience to the primordial space where this cohesive merge takes place. This is a film about returning to the original intention of being-ness. Free from the separation and fragmentation that labels create.

Production Credits

Written, Directed, Edited by Saki Bowman
Produced by Wide Angle Youth Media


Saki is an Indigenous Woman, Energy Worker, and Visual Artist. Her artistic lens is colored by the motivation to heal matrilineal trauma, amplify the voices of black native women, and curate spaces for magical realist expression. Her art stems from her curiosity; from communing with trees
and breathing from her feet, to creating sacred adornment for intuitive sensitive people – her curiosity often guides her to explore anciently futuristic avenues of expression.