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Stephanie Barber



digital video/ sound

Runtime: 2:40

Courtesy of the Artist

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A brief poetic collage of 16mm home movie footage from Egypt in the 1950s, elements of Capra's Lost Horizon soundtrack and a small and frustrated boy. There is so much to say about Shangri-La. It is, like the horizon, always present, always out of reach.

The original 16mm footage was given to me by my mother, who worked some 30 years as a maid for the millionaire couple who shot this while on a 4 year, around-the-world honeymoon trip. The woman’s voice pondering utopia, peace and joy; the small boy frustrated by the tonal and linguistic romanticism of this expression. Young me, confused by the implications of class and money. Still.


Stephanie Barber is a writer and artist who has created a poetic, conceptual and philosophical body of work in a variety of media, often literary/visual hybrids that dissolve boundaries between narrative, essay and dialectic works. Her work considers the basic philosophical questions of human existence (its morbidity, profundity and banality) with play and humor. Her videos are distributed by Video Data Bank and her films can be found at Canyon Cinema and Her books Night Moves and these here separated... were published by Publishing Genius Press in 2013 and 2010 respectively. Her collection of very short stories All The People was published by Ink Press Productions in 2015. Her haiku collection Status Update Vol. 1 was published in the fall of 2019 by CTRL+P and her full length play Trial in the Woods will be published by Plays Inverse in Autumn 2020.