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Nia June

born Baltimore, MD 1995

A Black Girl's Country



Runtime: 4:24

Courtesy of the Artist

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A Black Girl's Country, written and directed by Nia June, is a meditative short film that uses poetry and portraits to encapsulate the multifaceted experience of black womanhood, asking its viewers: what do you know of a black girl's country? Throughout history, Black women have been pressured to dilute their indigenous selves when in certain spaces, leaving us exhausted by the burdens of hyper self-awareness and conformity. This film is our unapologetic freedom, our collective country, our eternal home.

Production Credits

Director, Producer, and Writer: Nia June
Creative Director and Musical Producer: APoetNamedNate
Director of Photography: Kirby Griffin


Nia June is a Baltimore native, performer, author, filmmaker, educator, and dancer. Specializing in spoken-word, June has been the featured performer and guest speaker at events throughout the east coast. Some of which include Light City Baltimore, Artscape, and Art After Hours at the Baltimore Museum of Art. When June is not performing, she is teaching Dance and Poetry to Baltimore City youth. She has articles published in the Baltimore STYLE Magazine, Washington Family Magazine, and Frederick’s Child Magazine. June's debut film, A Black Girl's Country featured in film festivals in Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Houston, TX, and Savannah, GA. In May 2020, June graduated from Towson University, where she was awarded a full scholarship for 'Excellence in Poetry.' June’s most recent project is a collaborative collection of poetry and photography with local cinematographer, Kirby Griffin. Their book “Paper Trails of the Undying” is an illustration of Baltimore’s tenacious beauty.