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Nia Hampton

born Baltimore, MD 1991

What To Tell (Our Female Children)



Runtime: 5:05

Courtesy of the Artist

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This visual poem was created in a day during the 2014 Alternate Roots, Roots Week. Inspired by the work of poet doris davenport this piece was made to honor Marlene Pinnock, Marrisa Alexander and Octavia Butler.

Production Credits

Directed by Nia Hampton, featuring Audrey Hailes + Doris Davenport
Crew - Gregoryanne Richard + Sonia Guiñansaca
Music – Jessica Denson


Nia is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and organizer. During her first solo art show “Drapetomania; The Strong Urge to Escape” Nia created and hosted the first Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival as a means to hold space for black femme filmmakers from all over the world. She is also internationally published freelance journalist who has written for sites like DAZED, VICE, Paste Magazine, LA Weekly and the Village Voice.