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Mollye Bendell

born Annapolis, MD 1990

sketch for Sleepers


Recorded realtime rendering, video chat stills, drawing

Runtime: 7:39

Courtesy of the Artist

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An attempt to preserve people through digital masks molded around images from video chats. The figures sleep. When they sleep, I know they are not dead. The beginning of a longer study on sleeping together.


Mollye Bendell uses the intangible nature of electronic media as a metaphor for exploring vulnerability, visibility, and longing in a world that can feel isolating. She has been an artist-in-residence at Wave Farm/WGXC and at the Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center. In 2019, with her two collaborators in strikeWare collective, Mollye received a Rubys Artist Grant to complete a body of work with the Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture exploring how the history of Black education continues to shape Baltimore City. Mollye holds a BA in Sculpture from the Glasgow School of Art and an MFA in Intermedia and Digital Arts from UMBC. Mollye currently teaches Immersive and Virtual Environments at University of Maryland, College Park. She lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.