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Lendl Tellington

born Baltimore, MD 1987

Blackberry Vines


HD Video

Runtime: 4:51

Courtesy of the Artist

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Turner Station, Maryland– Ruth visits the neighborhood where she grew up Ruth Stumbles on to the school-grounds where her stepfather and mother, Nannie, met. Nannie details the beginnings 3rd marriage and bringing her husband along on her life-long mission to moving back central Virginia.

Production Credits

Blackberry Vines Directed by Lendl Tellington


Lendl Tellington is a filmmaker and photographer working in both documentary and fiction. His practice utilizes multiple layers of history using ephemera of a certain era to reimagine events unfolding in the present as collective memory. When he’s not behind the camera, Lendl is the Technical Production Director of the BlackStar Film Festival.