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Jules Rosskam

born Highland Park, IL 1979

Dance, Dance, Evolution



Runtime: 17:23

Courtesy of the Artist

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In Dance, Dance, Evolution six trans-identified people explore their relationship to dance over time. As one participant says, “What I feel when I’m dancing is the very decomposition of myself.” This short, joyful documentary looks at the ways in which the body in motion opens up the spaces between gender, race, and time, producing pleasure in indeterminacy. This begs the question, how do we take that idealized moment on the dance floor--where nothing matters but the beat--and take it with us everywhere we go?


Jules Rosskam is an award-winning filmmaker, educator and interdisciplinary artist interested in liminal spaces: the space between male and female, between documentary and fiction, between moving image and still. His interdisciplinary practice works to induce a perceptual shift in our understanding of how and what bodies mean, toward an apprehension of multiplicities. He is the director of transparent (2005), against a trans narrative (2009), Thick Relations (2012), Something to Cry About (2018), Paternal Rites (2018) and Dance, Dance, Evolution (2019).

His work has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Art Boston, the British Film Institute, Arsenal Berlin, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, the Queens Museum of Art, the Museum of Moving Images, and film festivals worldwide. Recent residencies include Yaddo, Marble House Project, PLAYA, ACRE, and ISSUE Project Room. Rosskam holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Film, Video, New Media, 2008). He is currently Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at University of Maryland Baltimore County.