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Imagining As A Praxis



Runtime: 4:03

Courtesy of the Artists

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The act of reimagining an anti-white supremacist capitalist patriarchal reality births an alternative world and when that world steps into the present it secretes a new life that is sublime and of love. In this video we are visually reconfiguring our world to imagine a new one. The floating land mass in the video acts as portals to access this imagined land of thought. We want to promote the idea that one should also find the way to take people into this imaginative thought and space to rebuild what the future means for us. Find a way to pull people through that portal day to day and truly conjure transformation. — as they lay, abdu ali + karryl eugene

Production Credits

Video by Karryl Eugene and Abdu Ali
Music by Karryl Eugene
Vocals by Abdu Ali


As a nomadic curatorial platform as they lay is a programming and art making initiative seeking to curate projects and community events that foster collaboration, creative action and reflection. Advocating for those who have been pushed into the margins with an emphasis on black liberation, the goal of as they lay is to curate a myriad of cultural programming and art that will aid in the transformation for a more sustainable, inclusive, nourishing, and interconnected creative climate for artists living in Baltimore.

Abdu Ali is an American avant-garde electronic musician, writer, cultural worker, and multidisciplinary artist who primarily works in sound, dialogue, literary text, and social practice. Their work is a yielding poetic uprise that often interrogates ideas of identity as well as narrates and promotes liberation from oppressive ideologies and systems.

Karryl Eugene is a multimedia artist based in Baltimore. He works in various mediums such as video art, sound art, and painting. Karryl’s work is defined by the power of reflection, where he unpacks personal narratives, nurtures his emotions, and contemplates his existence in the digital age.